Welcome to SSVM Institutions

We, SSVM institutions, with the motto “On straight on”, raise brilliant generations by nourishing them with love, care, and imbibe them tradition and values to be good citizens.choosing a suitable school for your child is a Herculean task now-a-days. After a decade of committed and commendable service in the field of education.Our prime concern is to provide excellence in education and holistic development for your child. A right schooling choice will bring your child ample opportunities to grow physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Our teaching methodology has a strong focus on putting your child in the perfect position to get the right status in society. Enlightened minds accord the highest priority to education and development of children. Being a reputed established educational institution, you are rest assured of having entrusted your child in safe handsthat will mould your child as an efficient and eminent citizen. Provide your child the best opportunity to acquire knowledge and extraordinary skill, the right way at the right place ie at SSVM School.

Here at SSVM CBSE School and Junior College, we provide education for your kids from the Kindergarten to Plus Two. It is an excellent atmosphere for your child to grow up. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

On Straight On Our motto, taken from Bhagvat Gita Text 1-3 Chapter 16 "Aarjavam Bhavathu Sampadam", strongly determines that fearlessness, purification of one’s existence, cultivation of spiritual knowledge, charity, self control and simplicity are the virtues of the motto that the school endows with divine nature towards the children and upliftment of the institution as a whole.