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Founder & Managing Trustee

Take advantage of the experiential-learning opportunities built into many programs.

Smt. Dr.Manimekalai Mohan
The Best Woman Entrepreneur

A School is committed to the secret mission of education where moral principles with chivalrous qualities bound with intellectual abilities must fill the space of development.

At SSVM, the quest for excellence continues forever as we endeavor hard to occupy the major seat for the development of our Nation. Focusing on our vision with International standards, we have roped in a team of qualified and skilled teachers to keep in par with our Motto and Mission. The balanced mind comes out each year from the gateway of SSVM to enter the Global threshold of development. So, the Vidhyaans never rest on laurels but they strive to excel beyond the floral fragrance of superiority.

As the physical growth ascends, our children are given opportunities to shine beyond their age for which their talents are cherished with appreciation all around. Memory and thinking skills go hand in hand for any individual Vidhyaan. Therefore, individually one can stride towards the goal of success for the survival of peace and prosperity. Children will not conquer but they stand for the change that happened, is happening and yet to happen.

The Nation’s thirst for never-diminishing light will be quenched by the unblemished shining stars from the Galaxy of SSVM. Activating this enlightened vision of imbuing with the illumination of true knowledge, we focus on expansion with quality, and bench marking higher and higher standards for ourselves every year.

Happy Schooling!

Systematic blend of Innovative teaching methodology, steady progression and spirituality in education.