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CBSE schools to offer AI, Python to class 8 and 9 students from 2020

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With over 20,299 schools in India, 220 schools in 28 foreign countries affiliated to the CBSE, there is no shortage of quality education. CBSE Schools in Coimbatore are growing day by day. There are currently over 200+ schools that cater to different needs of parents and students.

But as the world keeps on evolving with new technologies, up-gradation of the syllabus seems extremely vital.


The outdated syllabus is a big nuisance in terms of degrading the transparency between the real world and learning world. This is why a revamp is necessary for the students syllabus from time to time. 

Teachers, on the other hand, are to be upgraded as well to make sure the implementation of the syllabus is up to its standard.   

This ensures that the future generations are constantly on the higher end of the curve. Competition now seems to be easier to tackle with Best CBSE School in Coimbatore constantly keeping up with the economic changes. 

That is one of the main reason subjects like Python, neural networks and data acquisition is being added into a new AI curriculum that is said to be surfing the news world. The AI curriculum is said to be exposed to grades 8 and 9 onwards. 

The good news is that most of the CBSE Schools in Coimbatore and other areas have started adopting this new curriculum based on the student’s interests.

This gives more value for the school in terms of the broad variety of knowledge they are said to offer. It benefits the students in a broad aspect. One such aspect is, they get to spend most of their time in their higher education learning the advanced. 

As the world is moving more and more towards tech-dependent, it is vital to educate our future minds of the do’s and dont’s in this field. 

CBSE Schools in Coimbatore and other locations are at a great advantage due to their sheer numbers.

In today’s world, we have every office run with computers, which dictates the workmanship of the employees. And every public place with free wi-fi that lets anyone with a smartphone to access the online world.

That is why the new AI curriculum will have a variety of topics that deals with AI ethics, big data, deep learning, graphic models and others. 

These sessions are to be clubbed with hands-on industry mentorship for higher classes. This preps the students for specialization in chosen fields. 

Students educated with an AI-based curriculum will have a basic understanding of jobs like Data scientists, AI Architect and so on. Therefore, students are better informed about choosing their careers. 

Guidance programs are also to be embedded with the AI curriculum so that the students have a chance at knowing the world better.


CBSE Schools in Coimbatore have always been first to adapt to changes in educational syllabuses. This enables more parents to be more informed when choosing the kind of education their child will receive. 

With a dramatic rise in the level of income and standard of living of people, most of them prefer to choose the CBSE syllabus over other state-provided education. 

Kids nowadays are even more picky about joining in a particular school. Gen Z is tech-savvy and ever more tech hungry. They are left to make the final decision when it comes to choosing their education. 

Usually, in the past, kids and parents, both had a very low level of awareness of their education. Most of the kids have always been in a confused state throughout their schooling. 

This is due to the fact, that slow changes were happening in the CBSE syllabus. This led to a little exposure to their career choices. Ultimately, they end up taking a career that gives them the best value in terms of money. 

It has one downside though. It leaves these helpless. Students used to end up frustrated with not choosing the life they had dreamed of. Many of them tend to later blame the education system for not keeping them up-to-date.  

But in truth, both students and education systems are to take their own share of responsibility to keep up with the changes in their economy.

CBSE Schools in Coimbatore are at a high-end to enhance the learning spaces that help kids live a stress-free life. As school environment is the most exposed environment in a kid’s life, it is vital that the schools cater to the needs of Gen Zs.



Most schools also offer emotional guidance programs to all kids in terms of advanced social activities. These not only enable the kids to prepare for their future but also promotes healthy inner well-being. 

We all know that Coimbatore has a fair share of a green environment with a good eco-system maintenance both in individual homes and the society as a whole. 

In addition to it, the surrounding terrains, add a beautiful layer of mountains and naturally falls that enhances a natural learning space.   

Thankfully, CBSE Schools in Coimbatore and other urban locations are now gracefully accepting the changes in the educational system to add value to their student’s life. 

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