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School in CoimbatoreCBSE schools with hostel accommodations (also called residential or boarding schools) provide an ideal environment to teach kids independence, responsibility, and other essential skills they need for life. If you are looking to send your kid to the best CBSE-affiliated boarding school, make sure to do the following:

Visit the hostel facilities or dormitories

It is very important to attend open houses and visit the dormitories prior to school application or admission. A good CBSE school with hostel provides separate, clean, and well-maintained dormitories for boys and girls. They should be equipped with all the essential facilities to offer comfortable living conditions. They have high-security measures and policies to ensure that students are safe and secure under their care. They also have dorm parents who supervise and guide the students to help them with school work and also provide counsel when needed.

Make sure they have medical facilities

The best CBSE schools with hostel facilities in Coimbatore have clinics or infirmaries that are available 24/7. This way, the school nurses or doctors can provide immediate care should there be an emergency on the campus or dormitories.

Check the campus facilities

Of course, aside from the hostel facilities, it is equally necessary to check the campus infrastructure. The best schools are complete with all the essential facilities and technology. They have libraries, media rooms, computer labs, and science laboratories. They also boast modern facilities that are designed to foster efficient learning.

Consider school programmes

You can say a lot about the quality of education that a residential school provides based on their academics and extra-curricular programmes. Top CBSE schools create various programs to develop the cognitive skills of their students in the most effective ways. They use creative and experiential approaches to teaching as per the board’s standards.

Aside from this, they also design beyond-the-classroom activities, catering to the different interests and talents of the students. They have sporting events, clubs, bands, and leadership programs, as well. When kids are exposed to these programmes, they are able to understand themselves better and hone their gifts.


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