Five Strategies that Parents Can Use to Help Students Who Lack Motivation

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Most kids may be thrilled to go to school and enthusiastic about learning. But somewhere along the way, they may lose interest and the motivation to study, even when attending the best school in Coimbatore accredited by CBSE. Lack of motivation is one of the reasons why some students become uninterested in their studies, leading to failing grades. It can be caused by several factors, such as burnout, an uncomfortable learning environment, or challenging subjects.

Students sometimes have difficulty studying, making them unable to focus and put more effort into it. Some kids may also lose motivation when they feel that they lack a challenge or the subject is too easy. In that case, parents may consider transferring them to a CBSE boarding school to make their studies more challenging.

There are many other reasons a student can lack motivation in school, such as family circumstances, extremely high expectations, and unaddressed learning disabilities.

What can parents do when their kids lack motivation?

It can be alarming to realize that your kids are uninterested and unmotivated in school, especially when their grades start to decline. However, instead of being upset, find out what’s causing them to be like that. By identifying the obstacles, you can find the best solution to support your kids and help them be enthusiastic and motivated to learn.

Emotional and attention problems, learning issues, and social challenges are among the things that can disengage kids academically, even in the best school in Coimbatore accredited by CBSE. That said, not all children underperforming in school have a diagnosable issue. In that case, it’s your responsibility as a parent to do something and motivate them to try harder. Here are some of the things you can do.

  1. Get involved

Your children may attend a CBSE boarding school, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them alone. Your presence in their academic life is still crucial to help them commit to their studies. Support your kids by helping with homework and letting them know you are available to offer clarifications and answer questions when something isn’t clear.

Make it a habit to contact your children occasionally to ask about school and what they are learning. Showing your interest in their academic life may motivate them to try harder, so they can make you proud. However, give them some space, as they may develop resistance and become more unmotivated.

  1. Positive reinforcement

Some parents are careful about rewarding students for good work because it could lead to more harm in the long run. However, you can apply intrinsic motivation in a way that allows children to internalize it.

Kids respond well to high-fives, praises, hugs, and other social reinforcer, and they may be motivated to do well and achieve because those things feel good to them. Parents can use rewarding activities but only after a set amount of time. Rewards can also be in the form of small breaks and taking kids out for ice cream.

  1. Reward the effort instead of the outcome

You want to make your children realize you respect hard work. Praising them for making sustained efforts, following through even during difficult times, and pushing forward and trying even when success is uncertain can teach them the benefit of doing their best.

  1. Help kids see the bigger picture

Sometimes, all it takes is for parents to remind their kids of their long-term goals. It can work, especially for older kids in the higher levels or those about to go to university. It’s also all right to let your kids make mistakes or not be at the top of their class all the time. This way, kids can learn for themselves the consequences of being unprepared.

  1. Get help from teachers

Teachers at the best school in Coimbatore offering CBSE education can also offer their support and help your child cope well in school. They could provide more insights to motivate your children or let you know what they’re struggling with.

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