International Women’s Day 2022: Here’s What You Ensure Your Girl Child For A Life Backed By Confidence and Strength

International Women’s Day 2022: Here’s What You Ensure Your Girl Child For A Life Backed By Confidence and Strength


Happy Women’s Day! This day, exclusively dedicated to the women for commemorating, celebrating and reiterating every achievement be it tiny or phenomenal on equal footing and in the same breath, is being observed globally and let us be part of it.

For us, women, multitasking, staying generous, empathetic towards others are like innocuous traits, palpably innate, that are passed down generations, perhaps in a more sheltered way.

And now, times have changed. Agree or disagree, with each passing day the dynamics in a woman’s world are undergoing rapid transformations than ever before and we are at that juncture of preparing the younger girls for making a head start and accelerate life journey in full throttle for remaining successful and happy always.

If you are a mother of a girl child or girl children, this article is for you. Even if you are not, please scroll down to understand what goes into nurturing a happy, joyful, positive yet realistic girl for making this world a better place.

For starters, if you have often come across the statement that girls grow faster, it’s indeed true. Let’s not forget that they are quick learners too!

Statistically, a baby girl starts talking early when compared to a baby boy, turns out to be polyglots from a very young age, master arts and perform brilliantly in academics too! Remember, the accomplishments of a girl child should not be confined just to these. There is much more to it, overall excellence at every step without getting bogged down by the societal pressures, freewill while making decisions and conquer those learning curves they would encounter, along the path.

Aim With Focus:

Staying focussed is a steppingstone towards achieving certain set targets be it in the student life or after turning into a professional. Inculcating disciplinary lifestyle, with emphasis on achievable targets, analysing the progress, go a long way in transforming the overall personality.

Assertiveness Is Good:

Contrary to the belief, assertiveness is not being rude. Teach on how to stand her ground firmly while interacting with others yet conveying the same in a humble, gentle manner.

Discover Strengths and Weakness:

It is natural for any child to question their own abilities, be critical of themselves but it’s okay. Realizing the strengths, weaknesses and embracing it equally should come organically. Discovering the true self is a great achievement in its own way and it will aid them in planning their future better.

Competence Is Key:

Competence is often misunderstood for being competitive. It is a broader term, and it must be achieved overtime. Getting skilful and dexterous comes with practice, perseverance, and you, as a parent, keep patience! Let your child master every task at hand and watch turning into a pro at it!

Healthy Body Image:

It is all natural to have questions like ‘How am I looking?’, Do I look pretty?, Should I try some make-up? If these questions are bothering you, take a chill pill and relax. Explain that there is a huge difference between external appearance and internal beauty, and it is always the latter that gets them real compliments and accomplishments.

Extend unconditional support during a sudden acne breakout, growth spurt in teenage and assure all possible help and guidance.

Get Sporty:

Sports are fun, build confidence and ensure feel good feeling. Playing rigorous sports involves a lot of leg work which in turn triggers a happy mood.

Got hurt while playing? Ouch! It’s okay. Getting injured is a part and parcel of today’s life and we will eventually get over it. Don’t we?

SSVM Institutions have always kept the welfare of a girl child, empowerment, self-sustainability of women on its highest pedestal and would continue doing it, incessantly. On this International Women’s Day, we are rededicating ourselves for this noble cause, again, unconditionally.

Happy International Women’s Day!






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