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Internet Safety Tips for Your Child

Some of the best boarding schools in Tamil Nadu have shifted to a blended learning approach, steadily adapting to the changes brought about by COVID-19. What’s great is this system is highly effective, allowing teachers to create quality lessons through videos, activities, and digital projects.

However, blended learning also comes at a cost — your child’s internet safety. So how do you prevent them from sharing their information and visiting dangerous sites while online?

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Validate website security

What websites do your children visit for school? There are currently over 1.9 billion online sites, and a good chunk of them are unsafe.

Fortunately, you can check a website’s security using just one letter: “s.” For example, if the link contains an “s” after “http,” it will keep visitors and their information secure.

  • Safeguard personal information

Most websites will require your child to sign up before gaining full access to their features.

Because of this, you must prevent your child’s personal information from leaking on the internet. Thankfully, if they are logged into a school portal, only teachers and administrators can access their names and contact details.

However, if they sign up for social media platforms and other websites, ensure they use strong passwords and avoid providing their phone number and address to strangers.

  • Set up parental controls

Of course, you can’t monitor your child’s online activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But luckily, you don’t have to — some websites allow you to manage their activity passively.

Also known as Parental Controls, you can set up these features to maximise your child’s online safety. For example, you can create a YouTube Kids account that only shows family-friendly videos on the platform. In addition, turning on Google SafeSearch will filter out explicit content from search results.

  • Choose the right school

Finally, you must search for the best boarding schools in Tamil Nadu using secure digital integration in their online lessons. These institutions are led by responsible and qualified teachers, leaving your child under adult supervision while you’re busy at work.

Moreover, good schools in Coimbatore focus on a balanced learning approach, ensuring students do not spend too much time on their screens.

Are you looking for good schools in Coimbatore? Consider enrolling your child in top-ranking institutions with healthy learning environments to prepare students for 21st-century success!

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