Things to Know About the Top Schools in Coimbatore That Follow CBSE Pattern

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What makes the top schools in Coimbatore with CBSE board different from the rest? Do they have any advantages over other educational boards? If you are considering sending your child to a CBSE school, then here are all the basics you need to know:

Focusing on math and science subjects

One of the things that make top schools in Coimbatore with CBSE affiliation better than others is their focus on math and science subjects. The CBSE syllabus lays more emphasis on these academic areas. So if your children are interested in these subjects and plans to become an engineer, architect, or a healthcare professional, sending them to a CBSE school will be a wise decision.

Preparing students for national exams

Because CBSE schools use the same reference books used as a basis for board exams, students tend to get good results and even higher scores on such tests. And because they specialise on math and science subjects, these schools help their students do well on competitive exams such as NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and AIIMS.

Promoting experiential learning

The board has moved from rote teaching style to more practical and student-friendly approaches. It has shifted to experiential learning, which promotes application of theories. This way, students don’t understand concepts but actually know how they work in the rea world. While memorisation is not totally discouraged, the school puts more importance on engaging and interactive activities. The structure of the lessons are designed so that students feel less pressured and more motivated and interested in their lessons.

Equipping students with essential life skills

Among the objectives of the CBSE curriculum is to develop their students’ life skills. Through various programs, they teach young people to become independent and responsible individuals who know how to handle conflicts, find solutions to problems, and manage their time well. They prioritise life skill education so that their students are ready to face the challenges of university life.

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