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Ways to Overcome Anxiety in Children and Teenagers

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Anxiety is one of the most rampant mental health issues in the world. The condition affects almost 6 million children from ages three to 17, and these numbers are only expected to increase over time.

Sadly, anxiety can affect a child’s growth and development, preventing them from performing well in the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore. But don’t worry. There are several ways to help your little one cope with the emotion:

  • Watch out for the symptoms

Anxiety is a much more complex condition to diagnose because it rarely presents itself physically, unlike illnesses like cancer or diabetes. It would help if you kept a careful eye on your child to notice the signs, such as:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Lack of sleep and proper eating habits
  • Anger and irritability
  • Constant worrying

  • Acknowledging their feelings

The first step to overcoming anxiety is to acknowledge it. If your child has trouble talking to you about their problems, try to approach them first and let them know it’s okay to feel a certain way.

In addition, give them time to articulate their emotions. For instance, if your child is feeling anxious about performing poorly in the best CBSE school in Coimbatore, ask them why. From there, you can look for solutions as a family, such as studying together or watching educational videos. Determine if the school environment is putting too much pressure on them. Wholistic education and overall student well-being are usually more prioritised by most academic institutions today. Listen to your child’s needs and find the best school for them if you find the need for it.

  • Encourage healthy choices

Once your child is ready to overcome their anxiety, ensure they don’t turn to harmful coping mechanisms. Instead, teach them to use healthy alternatives, such as getting plenty of rest, eating nutritious food, and avoiding addictive substances. Moreover, you can do breathing exercises to help them calm down.

It is found that children with anxiety might need more help to excel in boarding schools in Coimbatore with CBSE; however, it’s not impossible. All they need is your love and support, and you can be sure they will have a bright future ahead of them.

Don’t hesitate to enrol your child in a top-ranking boarding school in Coimbatore with CBSE to help them overcome their fears!

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