How to Keep Your Child Safe in the Internet Era

How do you strike a balance between keeping your child safe from harm and being controlling? This feat, especially in the era of technology, is quite the challenge for new parents. However, it’s not impossible.

Ways to ensure your child’s online safety

  • Talk to your child

There’s a significant difference between forcing information out of your child and allowing them to approach you naturally. It’s best to encourage your little one to be more open about their online activity, meeting their stories with empathy and understanding rather than reprimanding them for their actions.

Moreover, start conversations about appropriate things to do on the internet, reminding them that online platforms are rarely ever private.

  • Explore your parental controls

Thankfully, many online platforms have recognised that the internet can be unsafe for young eyes. As a result, they have implemented strict regulations on what children can and can’t access, giving parents better control over the content.

For instance, Google offers a Safe Search Filter that blocks explicit sexual material. YouTube is also an excellent example, allowing parents to set up an exclusive YouTube Kids account.

  • Discuss options with your school

Does your child study in a boarding school? This can make it difficult for you to monitor their activity because they hardly stay home. But, fortunately, the best schools in Tamil Nadu with hostels are managed by responsible adults.

You can talk to the school administrators and learn more about how they control a student’s internet activity. In addition, the top 10 CBSE boarding schools in Tamil Nadu will have online security systems in place, ensuring that your child does not visit unwanted sites.

Do you want to enhance your child’s internet safety? Consider enrolling your child in the top 10 CBSE boarding schools in Tamil Nadu! The best schools in Tamil Nadu with hostels will ensure each student’s online privacy, preventing them from exploring explicit sites and losing their personal information to fraudsters.

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