Teach Your Kids to Tackle Cyberbullying

It’s hard to accept, but cyberbullying is a rampant issue. According to a 2017 study, 17% of students reported being victims of cyberbullies. And as more CBSE boarding schools shift to technology-based education, you can only expect this number to increase.

The worst part is that children studying in Coimbatore residential schools often spend most of their time on campus. Hence, you can’t monitor their behaviour, increasing the risk of cyberbullying. What can you do to protect your child?

  • Know the signs of cyberbullying

Unfortunately, the signs of cyberbullying are sometimes harder to detect than in-school bullying. They are more likely to manifest emotionally, affecting your child’s daily life and mood.

So if you notice your child looking upset after using their phones or computer, ask them if they are okay. You can also look out for other indications, such as spending too much time in their rooms, steadily decreasing grades, and withdrawal from family members, friends, and social activities.

  • Limit access to technology

It can be challenging to minimise your child’s use of technology if their grades depend on it. However, you can take better precautions against their internet use by adding them on social media, keeping the computer outside their rooms, and checking the sites they often visit.

  • Offer support

So you’ve discovered that your child is a victim of cyberbullying in their CBSE boarding school — what do you do?

Before getting angry, consider talking to your child about their experience. It’s essential to offer them comfort and support, listening to their feelings without judgement.

Moreover, let your child know that it isn’t their fault. If the situation has affected their health, you might want to meet a therapist or school counsellor.

  • Notify your school

No school is immune from cyberbullying. However, the best Coimbatore residential schools make sure to take action against the bully.

Do you want to protect your child’s mental well-being? Then, consider looking for CBSE boarding schools with strict regulations against bullying, headed by professional administrators and understanding teachers to guide their students.

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