Top Boarding Schools in Coimbatore – Selecting the Right One For your Kid

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So, you want to send your child to the best boarding school in Coimbatore. But as you start your search, you might notice that educational portals and review sites are recommending an overwhelming number of good options. How do you choose just one school from among the top boarding schools in Coimbatore?

This answer is simple but may not be obvious to every parent out there. While rankings and reviews matter, these factors should not be the sole basis for choosing a school. There are many other important factors to consider when determining which boarding school in Coimbatore is right for your children, such as:

The educational board

The board or curriculum that the residential school follow shapes its academic programmes and extracurricular activities. Thus, it’s important to consider or perhaps, choose a board first before selecting a school. Two of the most recommended and trusted boards in the country are CBSE and ICSE because of their international recognition and vast global presence.

These two have major differences, specifically in terms of teaching methodologies, syllabus pattern, and subject focus. CBSE residential schools are great for those who want to pursue a career in engineering and medicine while ICSE residential schools are best for students who are interested in humanities and management.

Residential school programme

The top boarding schools in Coimbatore run their residential schools or hostel facilities differently. Check if their residential programme can meet your children’s needs. Look at their boarding school policies. See if there are enough security and safety measures around the hostel facility. Ask the school how they promote responsibility, leadership, and other life skills. Do they have dorm parents? Are there structured routines or daily schedules to follow?

Beyond classroom activities

The best boarding schools do not confine learning activities in the four walls of their classrooms. To stimulate interest and foster curiosity, they promote outdoor education and also give a high premium on extracurricular activities. They have programmes that cater to various interests like sports, performing arts, music, dance, and leadership. They also hold field trips and school-wide events.


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