Choosing the Best School in Coimbatore with CBSE Syllabus

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Many parents and students agree that some of the best schools in Coimbatore are CBSE-affiliated. Many of them have been successful in producing graduates, sending students to engineering and medical colleges in India and abroad. If you want to send your child to a CBSE school, you are making a good decision. But before you choose an institution, take note that the syllabus or educational board affiliation should not be your sole criterion.

When choosing the best school in Coimbatore that is CBSE-affiliated, you have to consider a lot of factors. This way, you can ensure that the school can provide and address many (if not all) of your child’s needs.

Choosing a focus

CBSE schools are known for putting a high premium on science and math subjects. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t focus on other areas as well. If you want your kid to learn a second language, find a school that uses English as medium of instruction and teaches foreign language as well. If you want him/her to be well-rounded, then choose a school that offers a broad and balanced curriculum, which includes arts, humanities, language, economics, creative writing, and business.

Check board exam results

Test scores may not be the only proof of the overall quality of education in a school, but they do tell something about how good a school is in preparing students for class 10 and 12 board exams. Experts always recommends checking ratings to see how well the students are performing academically.

Consider the available co-curricular activities

If your children already pursue particular sports or have particular talents that you want them to hone, then find a school that offers special programs for those. In case your children haven’t discovered their interests, then the best school in Coimbatore CBSE is one that can offer a wide range of co-curricular programs in sports, arts, crafts, music, and leadership development.

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