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CBSE Boarding Schools in Coimbatore – Must-Have Facilities

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Many parents send their kids to boarding schools in Coimbatore that are CBSE-affiliated because of the curriculum. After all, the curriculum plays a crucial role in creating academic and non-academic programs for children. It also has a huge impact on the quality tuition as well as on the future success of the students.

However, when it comes to choosing the best boarding schools in Coimbatore, the CBSE curriculum should not only be the factor to consider. Parents should also check the facilities because these, too, have an impact on the learning environment, student engagement, and safety. In fact, according to research, school facilities also affect teacher and student outcomes.

If you want your kid to have the best education, make sure to choose a boarding school in Coimbatore CBSE that has the following facilities:

Science laboratories

The CBSE board is popular because it lays heavy emphasis on the science subjects. The board requires all CBSE schools to offer science laboratories with complete supplies of tools or apparatuses to support hands-on learning. This way, students can perform experiments, test hypotheses, and apply scientific principles safely.


A library is definitely among the most important facilities in a boarding school. It serves as the main educational resource centre where students can access references for free. Here, they can study lessons and further expand their knowledge. A library also plays an important role in boosting literacy and a love for reading.

Hostel facilities

The school will be your child’s home for months. They will spend most of their year there. It’s therefore very important to ensure that the hostel provides excellent living conditions. Top boarding schools see to it that their hostels are always maintained clean. They have also high security systems for the safety and security of all boarders.


One of the responsibilities of schools is to provide safe and nutritious food for all the students. The cafeteria is especially important in a boarding school because it is where kids get their food and snacks all day, every day. A good boarding school ensure that cafeterias are clean and are compliant with health protocols. They provide boarders with healthy and balanced meals and a variety of food choices catering to different tastes and cultural preferences.

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