Find the Right Boarding School for Your Child in Coimbatore   

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Ranking and reputation are definitely important factors to look into when choosing a boarding school in Coimbatore, but they are not everything. As a parent, you also have to look at the following:

Board affiliation

All residential schools in Coimbatore follow an educational board. It’s an essential factor to look into because it shapes and dictates the academic programs of a school. Each board in India has specialities, which you should take into account as well. For example, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) focuses on math and science subjects. So, if your child wants to take up Engineering or Medicine in the future, it may be wise to send them to a CBSE boarding school.

Residential facilities

Does the school have a separate hostel for girls and boys? What do the dormitories or rooms look like? Are they able to maintain it clean? How can they assure that all kids are safe under their supervision? Do you think your child will be comfortable and feel at ease living there? These are some of the things you should ask or check when visiting the boarding school.

Campus facilities

The quality of facilities in the campus directly affect the quality of learning of the children. A good boarding school in Coimbatore is complete with all the essentials, including libraries, laboratories, and media rooms. They have outdoor facilities for sports and other events. They also have plenty of green spaces to create a healthy ambiance and encourage kids to stay in tune with nature.

Co-curricular activities

Aside from pursuing academic excellence, a good boarding school also focuses on the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of their students. There should be co-curricular activities like sports, clubs, and other types of school organisations to help students discover more about themselves and develop into well-rounded individuals.

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