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Effective Residential School Learning Experience

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A Home Away from Home

Boarding school is a home-like learning place where children of various backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines come together and learn to live, learn and enjoy learning throughout their secondary education. SSVM Institutions one of the Best Residential School in Coimbatore has one of the diverse school learning environments.

This enables them to enjoy their freedom under proper guidance from tutors and their fellow mates. Boarding school acts like a neutral ground where students learn to coexist and live among the diversity as one unit. 

Reason for Sending Kids to Residential Schools

Most parents nowadays seek admissions in SSVM Institutions one of the Best Residential School in Coimbatore with a vision of making their child independent and give a holistic learning experience. 

It is also clubbed with the fact that their professional lifestyle needs them to travel frequently.  This disrupts a child’s systematic flow of learning when he or she changes days of school frequently. 

Ambitious parents seek a higher level of academic benefits that day schools aren’t equipped to offer. 

In addition to that, schools like us (SSVM Institutions one of the best residential school in Coimbatore) are at an advantage in providing extra-curricular activities and other engagements throughout the year.

While day school enables a child to indulge in the academia within standard timings, residential school life kick-starts only after the actual school hours. This is where further focus is directed at shaping the child to do something beyond expectations.

What other benefits students’ extract from their stay in residential schools? How does the learning process happen in the best residential schools? In what way it turns out to be more effective and value-adding? Let’s look at them one by one.


Parents look for a home-like environment, children look for fun. Best Residential School in Coimbatore offers both! Moreover, residential schools are located where children get to have their daily dose of nature in and around the campus. Moreover, safety is first exercised with kids in a meditative environment where they get to develop social responsibility skills. More than that, they get to have an innumerable amount of fun after the academic sessions. This makes children stress-free and is thus able to learn and perform better in academics and in life.


Freedom does not potentially mean a no rules, no discipline learning place. We put together a routine personalized for each child, wherein they get to shape their daily activities in a manner that suits them the most.

If a student finds it difficult to express their opinions and views, a gentle nudge and a lot of free space are given to let them find his/her own way. 


Residential school is a place where students get to interact with their tutors outside of the classroom. This paves way for building a more profound understanding of the teaching and learning process.

A humble relationship based out of trust is essential for a child’s learning journey. It paves the way for a better learning experience which guarantees 100% success. Guiding the students with wisdom vs a limited time interaction would surely fetch positive results.

SSVM Institutions, a topmost residential school in Coimbatore focuses on creating a different perspective of teachers. This change students’ point of view and enables to open up to teachers in all ways. 

All teachers are considered to be learners themselves and thus they always look for ways to learn from students. 


Residential school in Coimbatore doesn’t just focus on enhancing the intellectual knowledge base. We aim to improve the quality of life in each student’s life. Every single day.

We provide a larger than life experience for kids to fondly remember with daily outings with their fellow schoolmates, playful interaction while working on projects and assignments and much more. This puts the student in different roles, developing life skills naturally. This teaching technique is known to benefit not only students but also the teachers and other members of the school community.

Mentors get to sit with the children for an active session post-school hour to explore their skills in studies and teach them effective problem-solving and other capabilities via activities. 

This special quality time also includes learning some life skills like public speaking, gardening, simple cooking, etc. The post-school time also would have a huge space for the children to pursue a sport or a performing art form of their choice.


Sometimes, the problem lies not in the students but in the system itself. Of course, all educational systems strive to make better citizens of the world with better teaching methods. 

That may not always be suitable for all types of students. That is why SSVM Institutions, residential school in Coimbatore aims in modifying the educational system in the right way that can align with everyone’s interest. Students are not only the brand ambassadors for the school, but their growth also signifies the school’s growth as a whole.

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