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How to Deal with Academic Anxiety and Stress in Teens

Is your teenage son or daughter experiencing mood swings and stress? Don’t worry; this is a natural process as your child enters puberty. But, the pressure of going to a top-ranking school can heighten these feelings and lead to anxiety if left unchecked. The best CBSE schools and boarding schools in Tamil Nadu tend to be more demanding with their academics. Teens undergoing hormonal changes may feel demotivated, affecting their academic performance. It’s critical to provide them with the support they need.

So how can you help your child as they navigate this stage of their life? Consider these tips:

  • Validate their feelings.

Teenagers tend to hole up in their rooms and stay quiet about their feelings for fear of being called dramatic or emotional. But this is a behaviour you must acknowledge immediately by validating their stress. For example, you can encourage your child to talk about their feelings honestly. During this time, make sure not to make unnecessary comments or offer judgement. A teen only needs to feel understood.

  • Discuss healthy coping mechanisms

Unfortunately, teens are vulnerable to unhealthy coping mechanisms and are easily swayed by their peers. If they feel stressed, they might resort to harmful habits, such as self-isolation, substance abuse, overeating, and seeking an adrenaline rush.

You must not let your teenage child fall into these dangerous behaviours. Instead, talk to them about healthy coping strategies such as meditation, laughter, and relaxation.

If they’re currently in school, you can encourage them to take up a hobby. For instance, some of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore offer excellent sports programmes, music and drama classes, and community involvement activities.

  • Teach prioritisation.

Does your child feel overwhelmed by their schoolwork? Too much academic pressure can lead to anxiety, further decreasing their performance in school. So rather than urging them to participate in numerous activities, consider teaching them about prioritisation.

For instance, what hobbies do they love the most? What are their favourite subjects? You can encourage them to focus on these activities before moving on to more complex tasks, creating a better balance in their lives.

The top 10 CBSE boarding schools in Tamil Nadu in 2022 can also help you manage your child’s anxiety. They offer guidance for kids struggling to find a career path, using well-researched teaching methodologies to minimise stress.

It’s best to enrol your child in these institutions to ensure that they grow up in a healthy and positive learning environment.

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