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How Teachers Can Move Beyond Textbook-Teaching To Actively Engage Students In The Classroom

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As teachers and educators, we’re sure that you’re always paying special attention to new thoughts, apparatuses, and creative strategies to connect with students in the classroom. Having employed some new teaching strategies, We are among the CBSE Schools in Coimbatore. SSVM Institutions have found that with dynamic teaching approaches, our school’s children interface more, work together and enjoy the learning process too. 

 In our article, we enumerate a couple of thoughts and strategies that you might like to attempt in your class. Without further ado, let’s get started –


 Learning isn’t learning unless students are connected and fully engaged with the course material or concept. When children are 100% engaged with the concept, they grasp even large, complex amounts of data easily. 

 Among the CBSE Schools in Coimbatore, we’ve found that beyond the textbook, desk & classroom, engaged learners self-analyze, employ further reasoning skills, and think critically.

Commitment enhancing methodologies like active experimentation, reiteration and stimulating conversation starters about the subject impel the learner to think dynamically and creatively. Also, such exercises prompt advanced academic accomplishments. 

But as a teacher, where should you start? 


To engage and effectively connect with children in the classroom, one must remember that a great deal of arrangement will be needed. To begin with, the instructor must advance plan the explanation and the other teaching tools he/she will employ. 

 At this point, the teacher must choose learning exercises that enhance the course material or concept. At this juncture, these five stages ought to be followed: 

       a.Comprehend the educational program completely. 

       b. Chalk out the different learning outcomes and techniques that will connect with the students and help construct greater understanding. 

The following inquiries should help: 

What do the kids know regarding the concept? 

What is the objective? 

In what arrangement should the lessons follow? 

Plan the explanations and supporting ideas & tools, in tune with your objectives. Develop further learning exercises that will match the ideas and objectives.


If children are asked to just quickly look at photos or inactively watch video cuts, how are they expected to enjoy the learning process? 

As an instructor, it’s dependent upon you to give the ‘’narrative’’ to the A/V recordings & pictures, just as urge the children to ‘’seek’’ more profound investigations. At SSVM Institutions, a leading chain of Schools in Coimbatore, we encourage our teachers and students to move past simply watching video cuts. We instead foster the habit of jotting down what was just observed in the videos or to actively converse with their classmates about the pictures they saw.

Studies show that most children need to see data to fully absorb it. So make a point of utilizing visuals during the explanations. Furthermore, utilizing videos and pictures ensures freedom from mental fatigue and inertia. 

For Schools in Coimbatore that want to get started with this, use basic visual learning procedures that incorporate realistic interactive videos, live graphing and illustrating – and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!


Regardless of whether you’re keen on group building games for inculcating basic reasoning skills or recreational mathematical games for secondary school children, you’ll find that joint effort is an important factor for engagement and commitment. 

At SSVM Institutions, we’ve discovered that when children associate with each other, discover things in like manner and also value their alternate points of view, incredible things happen! 


At SSVM Institutions, a chain of Schools in Coimbatore, numerous teachers, and educators are at present, organizing dynamic learning methodologies that will further engage our students. 

Their objective is for children to hold and draw in with course material well past their next exam by making important associations and moving past the repetition mode. 

Additionally, our school teachers are trained to plan their learning objectives, build developmental appraisal as they go along and weave certain checkpoints into their lesson plans. This way, they know when and the reason why children haven’t comprehended an explanation or idea.


When searching for the best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore, search for one that shows youngsters the art of going well beyond the textbook, desk & classroom. Look for one that engages students, teaches them to self-analyze and use their reasoning skills. 

At SSVM Institutions (a chain of Schools in Coimbatore), we’ve seen that most kids love to learn when they are shown different visual learning materials and allowed to collaborate with their classmates about their perspectives. Moreover, we have seen that they complete their assignments, guided as per their sensibilities and make keen written and visual observations. 

With engaging endeavors like these, combined with interactive teaching aids, the instructors at SSVM Institutions gain the trust of their students and guide them to higher paths of learning.
To us, this is what education is all about!

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