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Students Life

Take advantage of the experiential-learning opportunities built into many programs.

Potential of SSVM

SSVM Instituitions
Commit to Student Development

Education at SSVM doesn’t end in the classroom. Residential experience is hugely influential in our students’ development – shaping their journey as they grow into confident individuals and global citizens proving SSVM as the best boarding school in Coimbatore.

Here is a glimpse into the lives of our students and their dorm parents how they live and learn together.

SSVM has a pool of dedicated residence staff who nurture students and help them develop as caring, healthy and responsible learners cum citizens.

The boarding programme is deliberately structured to develop independence by gradually allowing boarders

Our student dormitories provide the perfect environment for young learners to live, learn and lead, within the beautiful surrounds of the Indian culture with world-class infrastructure.

  • All boarders have a daily schedule,
  • With a gradual increase of self- management expected of students.
  • Students have a more structured routine.
  • To help them maintain a healthy balance by ensuring they get enough sleep.
  • Have scheduled quality study times.
  • Dorm Parents are on duty during prep, and are available to assist boarders with homework.

Quality and precision that honors architectural vision

Boarders are provided a healthy, balanced diet with a variety of food catering to different tastes and cultural preferences. There is also cafeteria where after school snacks are available.

Safety & Security

Our boarding dorms are located on the school campus separately for boys and girls, which have controlled access and 24- hour security guards. Both dorms have security cameras in the common areas and child protection measures are in place.

A medical clinic is staffed by qualified nurses 24 hours, seven days a week.

A doctor also visits the clinic twice every day. Coimbatore city is a few minutes’ drive from campus, for hospitals offering excellent medical care and/ or specialist centres for further treatment if necessary.
All families submit a detailed medical record when the child starts at school, and this is updated at regular intervals. The clinic holds all required medications for safe- keeping and smooth management.

Our goal for boarders is to learn to manage their time and grow in personal responsibility

Shree Sarasswathi Vidhyaah Mandheer offers day cum residential boarding for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12(Day school) and from Grade 1 to 12 (Boarding). We seek to enrol students who are committed to our mission and values and who will embrace the opportunities on offer at SSVM. SSVM looks for active involvement in a range of activities including the Arts, Service, Sports, Outdoor pursuits and Student Leadership. Our goal for boarders is to learn to manage their time and grow in personal responsibility, preparing them for life after school. Studying at SSVM is a horizon- widening experience which develops all- round personalities by encouraging to take up responsibilities and undertake new challenges. Such is the richness of student’s life and the strengths of friendship formed, many boarders find it difficult to leave SSVM family at the end of schooling. The lasting links established across the world are a demonstration of life- defining experience while at SSVM and the identity as global citizens of the 21st century.
All of these factors combine to provide s genuine pre- university residential experience.

  • Students are provided with opportunities to initiate activities.
  • Take part in music, dance, theatre and sports tournaments
  • Oppurtunities for Overseas Educational Field trips.
  • A positive approach to learning, including effort and behaviour

Systematic blend of Innovative teaching methodology, steady progression and spirituality in education.