Sports keep the body and mind active as children learn a lot through playing. They enjoy play more than anything, right from toddler age. Indoor games help children develop their fine motor skills to handle the coins, the board and gather their focus and catch their attention. Interaction with others teach them how to handle success and to be a team player.

Schools play a major role in introducing the games to the children as they spend a major time in school. Equal importance is given to Indoor games in SSVM Mettupalayam School, the best residential school in Coimbatore. Students get to play Chess, Carrom, Table tennis, etc. in addition to exposure to outdoor games. Encouragement comes in form of tournaments that helps them to prepare with enthusiasm.

Holistic Development:

We SSVM Mettupalayam School believe, a child requires both indoor and outdoor games for holistic development.  Basketball, Table tennis, Carrom and other board games improve the concentration and coordination among the students. Hand eye coordination improves, puzzles and board games improve their analytical ability. 

Learning begins at home:

SSVM Mettupalayam School, the best residential school in Coimbatore, we believe learning begins at home and children are at their best when parents play with them. Board games, puzzles and card games improve their interpersonal skills and children learn to socialize, more importantly, how to accept and react to failure. 

 During summer holidays or rainy days, children can be actively engaged, and adults can also play these as stress busters! These games excite children a lot, and when played together as a family, children feel a sense of security and cared for!


It’s an advantage to special children to participate just like their counterparts and have the feeling of not being left out! Everyone gets equal opportunity to play indoor games and have fun.

Physical hurt:

While playing the indoor games, the probability of getting physically hurt is very less when compared to outdoor games like cricket, football, etc. Also, there is no dependency on climate outside, as Indoor games require less space and the temperature can be controlled. That is why, being the best residential school in Coimbatore, we also provide our students, the indoor stadiums and the necessary infrastructure!

Strategy and Focus:

Games like Chess increases a child’s thinking ability and helps to strategize. In fact, brain gets drained most when chess is played as the player needs to think twice ahead of the opponent! Quickness in table tennis is very important as the game might completely change in few seconds if the player isn’t focusing!


Games like Carrom makes the player aim for precision and plan to pocket a coin. Board games improve the child’s memory and they are equally exciting! Their drawing skills improve with games like Pictionary. Floor puzzles, stacking cups, identify the alphabets, number games, spelling games, balancing beam, etc. all keep the children engrossed for a long time!

That is why, we at SSVM Mettupalayam School encourage children, right from kindergarten to take part in all form of sports, indoor and outdoor and inspire them to make their own games with rules tap their imagination and enjoy the game.

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