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Emotional Quotient of Your Child

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Are you preparing your child to attend the best boarding school in Tamil Nadu? One thing to remember is that academic intelligence, while important, is not everything a school looks for in a child. Your child must also have good emotional intelligence, resulting in a balance of their IQ and EQ.

What you need to know about a child’s emotional intelligence

Did you know that children with high emotional quotients (EQs) are likelier to excel in a good school in Coimbatore? According to research, kids with high EQs earn better grades, become more effective leaders, and overall, make healthier choices.

Most parents are only familiar with the intelligence quotient (IQ), which measures one’s abilities in vocabulary, reading comprehension, reason, and mathematics. In comparison, EQ focuses more on emotional literacy, empathy, and intrinsic motivation.

But is there a way to improve your child’s EQ? Here are a few things to implement at home before you enrol them in the best boarding school in Tamil Nadu:

  • Label their emotions

Kids struggle to express their emotions because they still don’t have the vocabulary for it. Therefore, you should help them label their emotions, using words such as “sad,” “excited,” or “angry” to describe noticeable feelings. As they grow older, they’ll find it much easier to articulate their thoughts and avoid lashing out.

  • Become empathetic

Your role as a parent is to be a good model for your kids. For instance, if you show empathy toward other people, your child will follow suit. As a result, you should make empathy a common thing at home, validating your child’s feelings whenever they are upset or in pain.

  • Emphasise healthy coping mechanisms

Lastly, teach your child about healthy coping skills. For example, if they feel sad, encourage them to talk about their feelings instead of letting them shut everyone out. This will help them cope better when you’re not around, especially in school.

Good schools in Coimbatore can also help your child develop better emotional skills. Because of this, you should choose the best and most reputable schools in the area known for their qualified teachers and guidance programmers.

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