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How to Make Your Child More Emotionally Intelligent

Sometimes, learning to be emotionally intelligent is more challenging than achieving academic intelligence. After all, one’s ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions cannot easily be taught in books.

And, if this problem isn’t addressed as early as possible, it could cause severe issues for your child in the future.

So how do you teach your child to become more emotionally intelligent and prepare them for success? Here are a few tips:

  • Get to know the different emotions

Does your child have trouble expressing their emotions? There’s one solution that can help: labelling. This will help put a name to your little one’s emotions, allowing them to describe their feelings more articulately.

Make sure to build a vocabulary for both positive and negative emotions. For example, you can start with basic words, such as “happy,” “excited,” and “hopeful,” then move on to more complex feelings like “anger” and “sadness.”

  • Show empathy

Children learn through their parents. Therefore, you must become a model of emotional intelligence, expressing your feelings healthily and calmly. Moreover, it’s best to show empathy when your child talks  about their emotions, validating their feelings and letting them know you understand.

  • Use healthy coping mechanisms

It’s easy for people to turn to harmful coping habits, such as substance use and unhealthy diets, when they feel too many negative emotions. However, you must start teaching your child to cope healthily, even in challenging situations.

For instance, if your child is feeling angry, ask them to take a few deep breaths and count to ten — this will help them calm down and clear their minds. In addition, you can turn to healthy coping tools, such as colouring books, music, and sports.

Fortunately, CBSE residential schools will help your child discover productive and enjoyable ways to deal with their emotions. The top CBSE boarding schools in Coimbatore, for instance, offer excellent sports, art, and music programmes for their students.

In addition, the best CBSE residential schools help take academic pressure off your child by encouraging participation in inter-school conferences, field trips, and community service programmes!

Do you plan on enrolling your young one in the best CBSE boarding school in Coimbatore? You must find an institution with world-class infrastructure, qualified teachers, and a diverse student body!

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