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Potential of SSVM
Athletics and Sports

Known as one of the best institutions for students in Coimbatore, we tend to pursue excellence in our activities and encourage our students to do the same. The same is with athletics and sports.

We make sure that our students are able to channel their sports and athletic side in the best way without any difficulty, and hence we definitely provide them with all the facilities and amenities needed in order to practice and succeed.

We have provided a sports area as well as a playground for the students to engage in different sports activities such as cricket, basketball, volleyball, football, and much more. Having sports as one of the main activities in the institute allows us to provide better exposure to our students who are talented in sports. Every day, the students of the SSVM Institutions™ transfer their determination and dedication from the classroom to the field where they engage in different sports activities.

Not just that, we also organize the best sports events and competitions for the students and offer them excellent opportunities to showcase their talents in the best way. We ensure that students are taking care of their studies while following their passion for sports with the help of our guidance. We have the best coaches for different sports teams in the institutions and hence students are offered both dedication and guidance. Our students get to learn valuable lessons on leadership and sportsmanship by being a part of our amazing sports teams. They are encouraged to go for competitions outside the institutions and are also provided with scholarship programs to fuel their passion. These facilities and benefits ensure that students are having a good time at the institutions by participating in sports-related activities.