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Providing a balanced learning environment where your child can grow towards his/her future, SSVM™ institute brings a plethora of fantastic facilities for the students. Designed with the best standards, the institute boasts spacious classrooms induced with the latest smart-class technologies, state-of-the-art laboratories, playground and sports area, and a comfortable boarding hostel for the students to bring out their talent, and so much more. Ranking high on the list due to these facilities, we aim to provide the best amenities to our students. Below are some of the facilities we provide:

Potential of SSVM


The classrooms at SSVM institute are spacious enough and filled with the latest technology for smart teaching to make your child’s learning experience the best one.


The state-of-the-art library features a wide collection of study materials for the students to take some reference from. They have access to different educational works for their learning.

Boarding Hostel

The boarding hostel has comfortable rooms for the students to live in. The rooms are large and have all the necessary amenities to make their hostel life amazing.

Playground and Sports Area

The play area and sports ground are made available for the students to channel their athletic talents. Students can play different sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, etc.


The laboratories are stacked with equipment and components for students to learn and perform their experiments in a safe environment.

Health and Counseling

The facilities for health and counseling at SSVM institute deserve praise. It has a nursing room with all the medical facilities for students who fall sick. Also, proper counseling is provided to the ones who need it.

SSVM institute stands for excellence when it comes to facilities. It is our main goal to provide a pleasurable experience to our students and shape their future!


By choosing SSVM™, one will be sure of making an outstanding investment in one’s life.

Physical Education encourages a positive disposition towards physical activity and aims to develop lifelong learners. Students are encouraged and taught to work together both cooperatively and competitively to apply the skills of the sport, learnt in previous years to the broader game setting. These skills and strategies are developed throughout from the primary to the Middle School Educational Programme.

We at SSVM™, emphasize that the attainment and maintenance of a good level of fitness is connected to healthy living and that this is the personal responsibility of the individual. We place significant value on the continued development of socially acceptable behaviour relevant to the sporting environment and seek to develop the student’s ability to work with a partner or as part of a team.