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At SSVM Institute, the dining facilities provided to the students are truly the best.

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At SSVM Institute™, the dining facilities provided to the students are truly the best. The dining hall remains open and provides full meals to students at the designated times. They are provided with varieties of food items and drinks that are healthy for their lifestyle. We have pediatricians in the institute to pay special care and attention to the diet of every student. So, there is no doubt that the overall health and welfare of the kids is the main goal for this institute.

It is a common practice that people often tend to socialise during mealtimes. Hence, the dining hall is designed in a way that students are able to interact freely with one another without facing any space or sitting arrangements constraint. Due to the pandemic, social distancing rules are improvised and students are within a safe distance from one another while eating. The dining area is spacious and the menu consists of some of the most diverse food items. Special attention is paid in cooking allergy-resisting dishes and meals for certain kids. We have the medical histories of all the students and hence everyone is provided with a safe and healthy meal that is best for their body!

One of the best things about the dining facilities at the SSVM™ Institute is that the practice of safe and hygienic eating is ensured right here. So, there is no doubt that students will enjoy their meals in the best possible way and as per the safety protocols. We encourage our students to have conversations with the wardens and caretakers while they eat as they can freely discuss their lives and any problems that they are facing at the institute. Such an open approach is surely beneficial for the students out there!