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Boarding Facilities At SSVM™ Institute

Residential life at the SSVM™ Institute is truly one of the best that is offered to the students.

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SSVM Boarding

The mission of SSVM™ is to provide overall excellence and complete personality development that excites and stimulates students to discover more about the world around them and, more importantly, to become leaders and life-long learners in a global context. In order to accomplish this, a certain degree of discipline is expected.

Residential life at the SSVM Institutions™ is truly one of the best that is offered to the students. That is why we remain as one of the top choices among parents when they are searching for a perfect institute for their students. Our boarding wardens have a very invested role in the lives of the students. We ensure that they are treated in a polite and homely manner. We also take care of their diets and ensure that they are able to sleep peacefully in their rooms. Apart from all this, we also keep regular checks on the students study schedule. In case a student is on medication, we will ensure that they are having proper access to their dosage every single day. Not to mention that we also pay attention to providing them with the best social life. There are counseling options for students who are going through any sort of emotional or mental trauma.

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We provide the students with snacks and treats that include variety of foods and healthy drinks. Our wardens make sure to bond with every single student so that they are able to talk freely about anything and everything – about their lives, days at the institute, and any difficulties with their classes. The caretakers make sure to invest themselves into the lives of the students, so that they do not feel lonely. A healthy chatting session with the kids can go a long way and help them understand completely. So, our caretakers are always eager to know more about the students and how there are spending their time at the Institute. All of these features make our boarding facilities one of the best facilities for the students!

Nestled at the base of the Western Ghats, our boarding houses benefit from pleasant weather year-round. Join us at SSVM Institutions™, one of the best boarding schools in Coimbatore, for an enriching and unforgettable educational journey.

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